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Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

From Northern California to British Columbia

Carla Albright



10×7in • 25.3%times;18cm

217 pages

index included

ISBNs: 158979317X • 9781589793170

Taylor Trade Publishing • 2007

Part how-to guide, part workbook, and part plant encyclopedia, Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest: From Northern California to British Columbia is the must-have reference book for both experienced gardeners moving to the coast and novice gardeners currently living near the shore. Along with basic information about soil construction, plant selection, and watering needs, Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest includes a workbook that will help you record the unique elements of the coast-wind, salt spray, and sun exposure-and design the garden of your dreams. Master Gardener Carla Albright provides valuable suggestions for vegetables, roses, trees, shrubs, and perennials hearty enough to thrive on the coast, as well as plants that are best avoided. Tips for choosing plants and controlling disease and insects will help you keep your coastal gardening looking its best. Ready for a break? Put down your trowel and take a trip to some of the coastal public gardens listed in the travel guide. These beautiful gardens will provide you with endless ideas that you can try in your own garden. Help gardening on coastal areas “Sure beach dwellers enjoy a long growing season, but they also face a wave of unique gardening challenges such as high winds, salt spray, sandy soil and excessive sun exposure. Carla Albright’s book “Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest” (Taylor Trade Publishing; $19.95) discusses easy ways to conquer these challenges and create a beautiful garden that is tough enough to withstand seashore assaults. While Albright lives in Portland, Ore., she offers plenty of advice useful to coastal mountain and dune gardeners in California. She also includes a quiz to assess the conditions in your garden, templates to record weather throughout the year, grids that help you design plant placement and a list of plants to avoid. "How Does Your Garden Grow?" Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest Saturday May 6 from 1-3 pm The Tillamook County Pioneer Museum will hold a very special book signing event on Monday, May 6th. This is a must for every local gardener is their own signed copy of "Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest". This beautiful how-to book was written by none other than the museum's own Carla Albright! Carla has developed such a devoted audience through her regular Headlight-Herald column that her book is sure to, not only but a hit, but the standard reference for local gardeners. Although the climate of the Pacific Northwest can best be described as temperate, providing for a lengthy growing season, gardeners face the challenge of working in an environment that is dominated by salt, wind, and sand. Carla Albright discusses how to overcome these challenges and makes suggestions for garden styles and plants appropriate to the region. Finally a book specifically for novice coastal gardeners! How I wish I had had this book BEFORE I planted my coastal garden--I could have saved much time, money and sweat learning the what, which, where, how and when of northwest coastal planting. This is a comprehensive yet detailed book all those gardening in zones 7-9 should keep close at hand. Carla's suggestions on site analysis and planning, soil preparation and plant choices are valuable. Being a fellow Master Gardener, I appreciate and applaud her approach to sustainable gardening practices and her emphasis on gardening with few chemicals. Her writing is clear, concise and pleasant to read.

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