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Italian Gardens

Georgina Masson



8.2×5.9in • 21×15cm

300 pages

2 colour and 211 photogravure plates

index included

Thames & Hudson, London • 1961

Published as a complementary study to Geoffrey Jellicoe's architectural work, Italian Gardens of the Renaissance, this book is intended to present a layman's point of view on the subject, providing immediate first impressions of the countless pleasures that are a feast to the senses, whilst providing a comprehensive background to the gardens, their antecedents and history.  Tracing a line through the history and topography of Italy, Mary Johnson - writing under the pseudonym of Georgina Masson - picks out the finest examples of gardens dating from the Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque periods.

Primarily, it is a masterpiece of photography, evoking memories for those who have already visited the gardens and persuasive to those who have not.  Secondly, it is a very able study of the history of Italian gardens from their inception in ancient Rome to the triumphs of the Baroque; no one who encountered Mary when on the full flight of research will forget her total dedication to the subject.  Contents include: Roman Gardens; Medieval and Early Humanist Gardens; Tuscan Gardens; Roman Renaissance Gardens; Gardens of the Marche and Veneto; and, The Gardens of Northern Italy.

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