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Italian Vegetables

Delicious Recipes For Appetizers And Sides

Maxine Clark

photography by Peter Cassidy



7.5×7.5in • 19×19cm

64 pages

index included

ISBNs: 1841728209 • 9781841728209

Ryland Peters & Small Ltd • 2005

      The book's contents: salads, legumes (peas/beans/lentils), roots and mushrooms, nightshades (tomato/eggplant), and squash. US measurements are used but there is a metric conversion chart at the end.
      29 preparations for appetizers and side dish accompaniments, including asparagus with parmesan and chopped eggs, fennel and leeks braised in cream and lemon, sautéed pumpkin with rosemary and balsamic, beet and wheat and arugula salad. Nice layout and presentation, excellent for beginner chefs. Unfortunately this work is vey short (leaves you yearning for more). platings
      Maxine Clark is a food writer and cooking school chef specializing in Italian cooking and cookbooks

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