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  • Landscape Plants for California Gardens

    An Illustrated Reference of Plants for California Landscapes

    Bob Perry



    11×11in • 28×28cm

    650 pages

    2,100 Plants & 3,100 Photographs

    index included

    ISBNs: 0960598855 • 9780960598854

    Land Design Publishing • 2010

    Landscape Plants for California Gardens offers the most comprehensive color illustrated reference on native and ornamental species for all of California.  It provides systematic coverage of climate zones, water needs, plant lists and planting palettes on more than 2,100 plants in a beautifully designed and illustrated book.

    The goal of Landscape Plants for California Gardens is twofold.  One goal is to provide a comprehensive illustrated reference of plants that are commonly grown in public landscapes and personal gardens throughout California.  The second goal is to encourage and provide information that helps to conserve water usage in landscapes and gardens.

    In response to the first goal, this book contains an Illustrated Plant Compendium containing written descriptions of more than 2,100 plants that are illustrated with over 3,100 color photographs.  Written descriptions contain information about plant origin, physical characteristics, adaptations and horticultural and design uses.  The second goal is addressed by providing information on California climate zones, estimated water needs of plants, planting palettes and checklists that are organized and coordinated to facilitate choices that can help conserve outdoor water use.

    Land Design Publishing was established in 1980 to handle the printing and distribution of books written by Bob Perry.  Bob has been a licensed landscape architect since 1972 and has actively participated in many professional projects where his expertise on California native plants and landscapes for water conservation has been applied and refined.  He continues to be an active proponent of resource conservation in landscapes through teaching, writing, public speaking and professional work.

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