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Plants for California Landscapes

A Catalog of Drought Tolerant Plants

State of California Resources Agency



10.8×8.3in • 27.5×21cm

index included

State of California, Department of Water Resources • 1979

The California Department of Water Resources has made water conservation the foundation of its program for planning the future water supplies of California. In California' s residential, commercial, and governmental use of urban water supplies, an estimated one-half is for landscape irrigation. Potential urban water savings are greatest in landscape uses because of the significant reductions possible through efficient irrigation methods, the change to practices such as mulching , and the use of drought tolerant plants.

This report has been prepared to serve as a tool for home landscapers, nurseries , governmental agencies, and landscape professionals who are interested in designing water conserving , low maintenance landscapes. Home landscapers can learn about the large selection of drought tolerant plants that may be used in their yards. Landscape architects and designers can use this list as an aid in selecting plant material for design projects. Nurseries or growers may wish to use this list in diversifying their stock^and local planners , design review boards or water districts may use it to help assess the water conserving aspect of designs for proposed developments.

Demonstration water conserving landscapes and parks have been developed in several regions of the State. These demonstration projects offer the public an opportunity to view many of the plants on this list, and learn about particular landscape design needs. If you have experience with landscape design and plants or are involved in an agency or organization interested in conservation, we encourage you to help organize community demonstration projects. We can use our greenbelts and gardens as outdoor classrooms to help California learn about landscape water conservation.

The Department of Water Resources will be pleased to supply you with information on landscape design, efficient irrigation, and alternative small scale water supply systems. How California is going to meet its future water supply needs is going to depend upon how each of us contributes to the conservation effort.

Ronald B. Robie, Director
Department of Water Resources
The Resources Agency
State of California

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