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The California Native Landscape

The Homeowner's Design Guide to Restoring Its Beauty and Balance

Greg Rubin & Lucy Warren



9.5×7in • 24×18cm

304 pages

index included

ISBNs: 1604692324 • 9781604692327

Timber Press • 2013

Water shortages and water rationing are commonplace throughout California, rendering expanses of lawn and thirsty, nonnative plants unsustainable.  Unfortunately, these remain the most popular choices for homeowners for two main reasons: the misconception that native plants are more difficult and the false assumption that exotic plants are more beautiful than their native counterparts.

The California Native Landscape addresses both concerns by showing homeowners how to succeed with natives and showing them how lush, colorful, and thriving their landscape can be.  The authors stress the importance of smart garden design and combining the right plants to promote the natural symbiosis that occurs within plant communities.  Native plants also play an important role in creating fire-resistant landscapes, and this new book has cutting-edge information on this crucial topic, refuting the myth that natives are more fire-prone than nonnatives.

With its unique combination of proven techniques, environmental wisdom, and inspiring design advice, this is an essential resource for all California gardeners who want to create a beautiful, ecologically appropriate, and resource-conserving home landscape.

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