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El jardín sin riego
Ediciones Omega, Barcelona, 2008

Per un giardino mediterraneo
Jaca Book, 2008

Pour un jardin sans arrosage
Actes Sud, 2007

Για έναν άνυδρο κήπο
Καστανιώτη, Αθήνα, 2008

The Dry Gardening Handbook

Plants and Practices for a Changing Climate

Olivier Filippi



9.7×12.3in • 24×30,5cm

208 pages

with over 400 colour illustrations

index included

ISBNs: 0500514078 • 9780500514070

Thames & Hudson • 2008

Sample Pages

A garden that can withstand drought and requires little (if any) watering is the dream of anyone conscious of the need to conserve natural resources. But which plants work best in dry conditions, and what practices should you adopt to ensure that they survive?

Olivier Filippi draws on over twenty years of experience in drought-resistant gardening to provide thorough answers to these questions, clearly explaining the techniques that will bring success in a water-wise garden.

Includes an A-Z of over 500 drought-resistant plants, with scientific name, geographical origin, size, position and hardiness, foliage, ideal soil conditions, and related or complementary plants, makes it easy to choose the right plant for the right place.

Abundantly illustrated with over 400 original photographs, this will be a vital reference for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Provides techniques for soil preparation, planting, and maintenance of gardens and landscapes.

Superb - arguably the most comprehensive A-Z of drought-tolerant plants ever assembled - Beautifully photographed and illustrated, it is packed with detail but written in an accessible and enthusiastic style, perfect for gardeners with a pressing need for more information on drought-tolerant plants, or merely those with a passing interest

BBC Gardens Illustrated

What this book offers, which others do not, is a sound botanical and climatic background to Mediterranean gardening

The Daily Telegraph

The Author

Olivier Filippi, with his wife Clara, run Pépinières Filippi, in Meze, near Sete, between Beziers and Montpellier in the South of France. They are specialists in a wide variety of plants adapted to drought, wind, cold, and limestone soils. They have traveled extensively, studying plants in their natural environment in the Mediterranean and other countries with a mediterranean climate.

The Filippis have long believed that there is a future in the beautiful native plants of the Mediterranean. Their home/nursery is surrounded by a display/trial garden where these plants are put to the test - without aid of irrigation or other artificial horticultural practices. This book records the success (or failure) of this exhaustive testing.

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