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An Earthly Paradise
Sagep, 1997

Un paradiso terrestre

I Giardini Hanbury alla Mortola

Francesca Mazzino

introduzione di Annalisa Maniglio Calcagno



12×9.8in • 30.5×24.5cm

144 pagine

90 illustrazioni a colori

indice incluso

ISBNs: 8870585298 • 9788870585292

Sagep • 1994

This is particularly landscape analysis of the relationship between the shape of the place and the structure of the Gardens aimed at identifying the potential and the constraints that the natural landscape and agriculture have pursued the project definition, analysis and historical landscape, and semiological of the peculiarities and characteristics that made them unique among the many gardens created in the same year along the Ligurian Riviera and the Côte d'Azur.

Francesca Mazzino is a landscape architect working to trim over the landscape and the School of specialization of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Genoa.

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