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Your Garden in Spain

practical ideas for gardens that suit your spanish lifestyle

Clodagh & Dick Handscombe



9¾×7½in • 24.4×18.8cm

336 pages

ISBNs: 8489954429 • 9788489954427

Santana Books • 2005

Spain is a wonderful country to garden *mdash; whether designing and developing a brand new garden or maintaining a long-established one.  The favourable year-round climate, the sun and light, and the warm balmy nights make it possible for gardeners of all abilities to achieve the garden of their dreams.  With advice on coping with climate, tips on water economy and ecology, microclimates for apartment, house, townhouse and rural finch alike.  Your Garden in Spain offers full-colour illustrated descriptions of 350 plants with their English, Spanish and botanical names, as well as advice on growing a wide range of fruit and vegetables throughout the year.

Dick Handscombe, British by birth but living in Spain for 25 years, is a popular author of gardening books about Spanish and Mediterranean Gardening plus lifestyle related books.  He has written four books solo and seven with his wife Clodagh as coauthor.

He has lived and gardened in Spain for 25 years and has a year round colourful scenic and productive garden.  He and his wife are very self sufficient in edible flowers, herbs, fruit, vegetables, eggs and poultry meat.

Their gardening is ecological and this is reflected in the advice given in their books.

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