Book: The Mediterranean Gardener

The Mediterranean Gardener

I will always be fond of this book. Many years ago, after starting the Medit-Plants e-mail forum, I came to know Hugo Latymer (1926-2003), a participant of that discussion. Over time, he mentioned his book, The Mediterranean Gardener, though in a very self-effacing manner.

Intrigued, I sought it out for myself. While it did not contain the large number of plant listings of other, more recently published works, I found his lengthy and thorough descriptions of the most common cast of characters in mediterranean climate gardens to be an excellent introduction for the novice to this type of gardening. Hugo also covered a wide variety of general and specific topics that were equally instructional.

Hugo and I worked together – via e-mail and letters, I unfortunately never met him in person – on ideas for hosting a web site for The Mediterranean Garden Society, of which we were both members. This effort was dovetailed into a web site I had created as an extension of Medit-Plants. It was only later that I was informed that Hugo had left his birthright as the 8th Lord Latymer (a barony going back to 1431!) to find a less hectic, more natural lifestyle with a new second wife in Mallorca, Spain (interesting reading: his Obituary, published 14 Nov 2003,


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