The heat of summer

Fontaine et panorama, originally uploaded by ThéoBoy.

We recently had a very serious brief heat wave – after most of the summer being shrouded by our pacific ocean fog. It was a relief to finally have some sunny weather but the intensity of the heat took us by surprise! Very unusual for our area, but it made me recall that many other parts of the mediterranean climate can routinely receive hot dry temps during the summer months.
This warm dry period is actually our dormant season and usually a time we’d like to also be dormant in the garden. ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen’ as they say. It makes a lot of practical sense to plant your garden with species that will not be trying to come into their peak during these difficult months. The lack of water (we get no rain for 6 straight months!) also makes gardeners appreciate this precious commodity. Rather than huge artificial waterfalls and spraying fountains (both of which evaporate far too much water) it is still pleasant to have a quiet bit or water play in the summer garden in mediterranean climate regions, especially if one can easy put a hand into its coolness while passing by.


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