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photo of Sean O'Hara

Seán O'Hara

Have been making gardens and providing horticultural consulting services to homeowners in the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1970.

Active in a variety of local horticultural groups and educational gardens.

Created the Medit-Plants e-mail forum in 1994.

Started to build this web site shortly after as a means to 'capture' some of the rich information shared in that forum.  Is still the primary content creator for these pages but welcomes collaboration with others.

Gave The Mediterranean Garden Society (MGS) its first Internet presence, with the assistance of Hugo Latymer, via the pages of this web site, increasing interest and membership in the Society worldwide.  The MGS now creates and maintains their own web site.

Co-chair of the Northern California Branch of the MGS from 1998-2008.

In 1999, spear-headed the creation of the Mediterranean Garden at the Garden of Lakeside Park.

From 2001-2008 presented (in over two dozen separate venues) a slide illustrated talk to a variety of local garden groups and the 2002 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show entitled Our mediterranean climate: what is it and why should we care.  in 2006 presented a slide illustrated talk on gardening in California to the Catalonia Branch of the MGS.