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  • Miner's Garden Notes
  • Central Coast Gardening Essentials

    Joe Seals


    8.5×5.5in • 21.5×14cm

    320 pages

    index included

    ISBNs: 0983842302 • 9780983842309

    DJ Books for the Good Life • 2011

    Central Coast Gardening Essentials is a 320-page comprehensive guide to gardening on California's Central Coast.  Its basic principles apply anywhere in California and beyond but this book gets into the nitty-gritty of the specific climate, the specific soils and the plants that fit.

    What's covered: Top Gardening Myths, The Central Coast's Climate, When to Plant What, Ten Steps to Planting, Watering Principles, Gardeners' Language, Best Plants, A New Way with Roses, Composting, Pest Management, Pruning Basics and so much more.

    Within its 320 pages are 17 major lists of plants for the Central Coast, along with over 100 sub-lists to help gardeners find just the right plant for just the right spot.  In addition, there are 12 lists of resources and sources where to find the expertise, the places to buy and the places to visit.

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