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  • California: for health, pleasure, and residence

    a book for travellers and settlers

    Charles Nordhoff  (1830-1901)



    255 pages

    at the end are four pages of ads, and a list of 'valuable and interesting works of travel' (Harper & Brothers)

    Harper & Brothers, New York • 1872

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    Chapter I.

    The Way Out

    Chapter II.

    Sights by The Way. Salt Lake City

    Chapter III.

    The Central Pacific Railroad

    Chapter IV.

    The Tourist in California. What to See, and How to See It

    Chapter V.

    The Great Sights Of California. Hints to Travelers

    Chapter VI.


    Chapter VII.

    Gold-Mining, With a Decayed Mining Town

    Chapter VIII.

    Southern California for Invalids

    Chapter IX.

    The Agricultural Wealth of California. A General View

    Chapter X.

    The Agricultural Lands of California. Hints to Settlers

    Chapter XI.

    A January Day in Los Angeles

    Chapter XII.

    Farming in San Bernardino

    Chapter XIII.

    An Old Californian Rancho

    Chapter XIV.

    The Indians as Laborers

    Chapter XV.

    The Coast Counties In February

    Chapter XVI.

    Semi-tropical Fruits in Southern California

    Chapter XVII.

    Anaheim — A Successful Colony — With Hints For Other Colonists

    Chapter XvVIII.

    Wheat Farming in the San Joaquin Valley

    Chapter XIX.

    The Chinese As Railroad Builders. A Great Stock-Farmer

    Chapter XX.

    The Tulare Lake. Cheap Farms for the Million

    Chapter XXI.

    Co-operative Farming. How Irrigating Ditches are Made

    Chapter XXII.

    Beet Sugar, Silk, Etc.

    Chapter XXIII.

    Wine-Growing In California. Some Estimates Of Cost. Raisins

    Chapter XXIV.

    A Golden Valley

    Chapter XXV.

    Sheep Farming — with a Night Around a Camp-Fire

    Chapter XXVI.

    A California Cattle Rancho. A Rodeo. Peculiar Customs of the Spanish Californians


    Southern California For Consumptives

    Tables Of Temperature In Clarens (Switzerland), Aiken (Georgia), And San Bernardino And Anaheim (California)

    Latest Improvements In The Yosemite Route

    ILLUSTRATIONS (Engravings)

    Map of the Pacific Coast, Showing Points of Interest to Tourists. (Frontispiece)

    View From The Cliff House, San Francisco

    Interior of a Pullman Palace-Car, Pacific Railroad

    George M. Pullman

    Pullman Dining-Car

    Cooking-Range, Pullman Palace-Car, Union Pacific Railroad

    Interior Of Pullman Sleeping-Car, Pacific Railroad


    Green Bluffs, 1500 Feet Above The American River, 71 Miles From Sacramento

    C. P. Huntington

    Flume And Railroad at Gold Run, Sixty-Four Miles from Sacramento

    Eagle Gap, on the Truckee River

    First Office of the Central Pacific Railroad

    Snow-Sheds on the Central Pacific Railroad

    Snow-Plough on the Central Pacific Railroad

    Central Pacific Railroad Hospital

    A Bird's-Eye View of the Trans-Continental Route

    Rounding Cape Horn

    Interior of Snow-Shed, Central Pacific Railroad

    Summit of the Sierras, from Central Pacific Railroad

    Alkali Desert, Central Pacific Railroad

    Bloomer Cut, Central Pacific Railroad

    Plan of the Yosemite Valley

    The Yosemite Valley

    El Capitan

    The Big Trees

    View of Yosemite from the Mariposa Trail

    View Near the State Line, Truckee River

    Lake Tahoe


    "Panning Out"


    The Mexican Arastra

    Map of the San Joaquin Valley

    Map of the Sacramento Valley

    Boating on Donner Lake

    Donner Lake, Crested Peak, and Mount Lincoln

    View from the Coulterville Trail

    California Live-Oak

    The Sentinel, Yosemite Valley

    North Dome, Yosemite Valley

    Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley

    The Three Brothers, Yosemite Valley

    Piute Squaw and Papoose

    The Bridal Veil Fall, Yosemite Valley

    Yosemite Fall, Yosemite Valley

    Secret Town, Trestle from the East, 110 Feet Long, 90 Feet High

    Winnowing Gold, near Chinese Camp

    South Dome, Yosemite Valley

    A Quartz Mill

    Nevada Fall, Yosemite Valley

    Flutter-Wheel on the Tuolumne

    Turning A Eiver

    A Flume

    Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite Valley

    Hydraulic Mining, at French Corral

    The Geysers

    Vernal Fall, Yosemite Valley

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