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California Gardener's Guide

Nan Sterman



9.9×7in • 25×17.8cm

271 pages

index included

ISBNs: 1591862671 • 9781591862673

Cool Springs Press • 2007

As California gardeners know all too well, gardening in California poses some significant challenges with an escalating water shortage and lean soils.  But the answers are not far from home.  Nan Sterman has assembled a complete photo-filled plant selection guide that includes drought tolerant plants, Native plants, and plants from the Mediterranean regions, in the California Gardener's Guide Volume II.  Sterman leads gardeners through the process of creating a beautiful garden that is interesting and beautiful year-round, with a section that explains how-to garden in the California climate and over 186 pages of more than 200 plant recommendations.  Covering the range from annuals and biennials to bulbs, fruits and shrubs ( and everything in between) each plant selection has been proven to be to be beautiful, adaptable, and with minimum water and minimum maintenance requirements.  Of the few thirsty plants in these pages, Sterman explains how to grow them to make the biggest impact with the least amount of water.  Finally, there is a comprehensive section on tips and techniques for successful gardening in California.

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