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Harold Koopowitz

photography by James Comstock

foreword by Sir Peter Smithers



9×6in • 23×15cm

384 pages

118 color illustrations, 3 charts, 1 b/w photo, 2 keys, 1 map

index included

ISBNs: 0881925462 • 9780881925463

Timber Press • 2002

      "Beginning with the story of their discovery and the botany of the wild species (of which there are only four in southern Africa), he moves on to a practical discussion of cultivation needs, hybridization techniques, and methods of propagation. The bulk of this book, however, consists of a profusely illustrated examination of clivia diversity - including orange and red flowers long familiar from windowsills to the famous yellow forms and pastel colors creating such excitement today.
      "Koopowitz fully discusses new leaf forms and variegations arriving from Asia as well as exciting interspecific hybrids that are breaking new ground. His book concludes with a brief biography of Lady Clive, the beautiful and influential duchess of the 19th century who is well memorialized by the plant that bears her name."
Timber Press

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