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  • California Native Gardening

    A Month-by-Month Guide

    Helen Popper



    9×7in • 23×18cm

    224 pages

    index included

    ISBN: 9780520265356

    University of California Press • 2012

    This is the first month-by-month guide to gardening with native plants in a state that follows a unique, nontraditional seasonal rhythm.  Beginning in October, when much of California leaves the dry season behind and prepares for its own green "spring," Helen Popper provides detailed, calendar-based information for both beginning and experienced native gardeners.  Each month's chapter lists gardening tasks, including repeated tasks and those specific to each season.  Popper offers planting and design ideas, and explains core gardening techniques such as pruning, mulching, and propagating.  She tells how to use native plants in traditional garden styles, including Japanese, herb, and formal gardens, and recommends places for viewing natives.  An essential year-round companion, this beautifully written and illustrated book nurtures the twin delights of seeing wild plants in the garden and garden plants in the wild.

    Helen Popper is Associate Professor of Economics at Santa Clara University.

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction - California Local
    • October - Change in the Air
    • November - Spring Is Here
    • December - Green Tidings
    • January - A Happy, Wet New Year
    • February - Clean and Weed
    • March - Spring Anew
    • April - Flowers
    • May - Collect Your Seeds
    • June - The Wise Water Balancing Act
    • July - Mist and Tinder
    • August - Siesta Time
    • September - Plan for Fall
    • Using Natives in Many Garden Styles
    • Cutting Times
    • Places to See Natives
    • Good Friends on the Bookshelf
    • Acknowledgments
    • Plant Index
    • General Index

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