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Conifers of California

Ronald M. Lanner

illustrated by Eugene O. Murman (& Susan Bazell)



9.3×6.9in • 24×17.5m

288 pages

index included

ISBNs: 0962850543 • 9780962850547

Cachuma Press • 1999

The first book entirely devoted to the state's native cone-bearing trees and shrubs.  Richly illustrated, it serves as both a natural history and field guide.  Each species' narrative is accompanied by a full-page color botanical illustration, photographs from the wild, detailed indentification information, and a range map.

California is home to more than 50 native species of pines, first, spruces, junipers hemlocks, and other conifers.  Conifers of California covers the state's world-renowned cone-bearers, such as coast redwood, giant sequoia, and bristlecone pines, and also features its many other rare and unusual conifers, such as Torrey pine, Santa Lucia fir, and Brewer spruce.

Cachuma Press

A spectacular work that fills a huge gap in the popular literature of California flora...Lanner's writing style is clear, informative and accessible to all readers.  Impressive watercolor botanical illustrations (principally by Eugene O Murman and a few by Susan Bazell) and sumptuous photgraphs (contributed by many) depict all of the species covered in the text.  All California gymnosperms are covered in this volume, except, unfortunately, the genus Ephedra (Mormon tea), of which there are eight native taxa.

Bart O'Brien, The Southern California Gardener, Jul/Aug 1999

California is home to about 10% of the world's conifer taxa, including pines, firs, spruces, junipers, hemlocks, and other cone-bearers.  Each species is succintly and comprehensibly described as to its biology, habitat, indentifying features (at a distance, standing beneath it, and in the hand) as well as its distribution, including a map.  An exquisite full-page color painting by Eugene O.  Murman (1872-1962) illustrates the foliage, cone and seeds for each species.  In addition, color photographs of the habitat and the tree give the reader a vivid image of these majestic species...This book should be read by all interested in California's fantastic forests.

Jane Villa-Lobos, Plant Talk, July 1999

Dr. Ronald M.  Lanner, Professor Emeritus at Utah State University, recently retired to California after 28 years of teaching forest biology coures.  His major research interests, which he has pursued worldwide, have included natural hybridization in pines, effects of aging on trees, bud development in pines, and the ecological and evolutionary effects of mutualisms of birds and pines.

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