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Compatible Plants Under and Around Oaks

Bruce Hagen (et al.)



8.4×5.4in • 21.5×13.8cm

69 pages


index included

California Oak Foundation • 2000

When growing under natural, undisturbed conditions, native California oaks typically resist most serious diseases. When weakened by disturbance and/or improper landscaping and irrigation, they become susceptible to diseases such as crown rot (Phytophthora sp.) and oak root fungus (Armillaria sp.). These and other potential dangers to our native oaks are discussed in this booklet. When gardening around mature oaks, attention is paid to the area within the tree canopy, which should be left as natural as possible with no supplemental water or fertilizer. This small book lists a wealth of shrubs, ground covers, perennials, annuals, bulbs, grasses, and vines that are appropriate to plant within the canopy of these beautiful trees.

This book can be ordered directly from the California Oak Foundation.

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