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California's Wild Gardens

A Guide to Favorite Botanical Sites

Phyllis M. Faber



12×9in • 30.5×23cm

248 pages

500 color photographs

index included

ISBNs: 0520240316 • 9780520240315

The University of California Press • 2005

California's Wild Gardens showcases the splendid abundance of California's native plants in their natural settings--from foggy rain forests and rolling grasslands to high alpine meadows and parched deserts. The book offers a close-up look at more than one hundred special sites in the state, highlighting their distinctive ecology, the rare and unique plants found in them, and some of their more familiar botanical treasures. With its spectacular color photographs and lively writing by some of California's best biologists and ecologists, California's Wild Gardens is the perfect introduction to the state's remarkable botanical diversity. Like the best travel guides, it will inspire its readers to further explore California's natural heritage. In addition to illuminating California's botanical bounty, this book discusses threats facing the state's flora and describes protection efforts now under way.
The University of California Press

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