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Garden and Climate

Chip Sullivan

foreword by Marc Treib



9.75×7.75in • 25×19.5cm

263 pages

42 line drawings by author

index included

ISBNs: 0070271038 • 9780070271036

McGraw Hill • 2002

      "Air conditioned villas in ancient Rome...windproofed, solar-heated stone seats for toasty-winter horizon-gazing in the Italian Renaissance...Peter the Cruel's self-heating outdoor walkway . . . cooling summertime chairs fashioned from earth, grass, and flowers, attended by butterflies and breezes, from classical gardens on Mediterranean islands.
      "These are but a few of the wonderful historical finds Rome prize-winning landscape architect/artist Chip Sullivan uses to launch modern methods for modifying the climate in your own garden. For Garden and Climate brings you not only a beautifully illustrated tour of many of the greatest gardens of the past--from Babylon to Majorca--but also expert instructions for bringing elements from these immortal landscapes to your own backyard--for microclimate creation, temperature and humidity control no matter what the season, energy savings, and beauty, and yes, to serve the time-honored function of soothing your spirit and restoring your soul."
McGraw Hill

Table of Contents

  • Postulate I: Earth Seats
  • Postulate II: Grottoes
  • Postulate III: Subterranean Rooms
  • Postulate IV: Cyrptoportici
  • Postulate V: Boscoes
  • Postulate VI: Pineta
  • Garden Prototype I: The Garden of Bacchus
  • Postulate I: Hot Seats
  • Postulate II: Warm Walks
  • Postulate III: Sunlit Terraces
  • Postulate IV: Warm Loggias
  • Postulate V: Courtyards
  • Postulate VI: Giardini Segreti (Secret Gardens)
  • Postulate VII: Liminaias (Warm Rooms)
  • Garden Prototype II: The Garden of the Phoenix
  • Postulate I: Cool Seats
  • Postulate II: Cool Walks
  • Postulate III: Shaddy Tunnels and Pruned Walks
  • Postulate IV: Arbors and Pergolas
  • Postulate V: Garden Pavilions and Summerhouses
  • Postulate VI: Interior Porches and Cool Rooms
  • Garden Prototype III: The Garden of Juno
  • Postulate I: Water Catchment Devices and Irrigation Methods
  • Postulate II: Placid Water Devices
  • Postulate III: Active Water Devices
  • Postulate IV: Aerated Water Devices
  • Postulate V: Wet Walks
  • Postulate VI: Water jokes
  • Garden Prototype IV: The Garden of Neptune

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