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Gardens of Mallorca / Gärten auf Mallorca / Jardines de Mallorca

photography by Carina Landau

edited by Charlotte Seeling



12.4×10.5in • 31.2×26.8cm

280 pages

500 color photographs, text in German/English/Spanish

index included

ISBNs: 3936761027 • 9783936761023

Feierabend • 2003

Gardens of Mallorca surprises readers with its depiction of magnificent Mediterranean gardens.  Riveting texts, which convey much more than just factual knowledge, are a harmonious counterpart to the opulent visual component.  Charlotte Seeling explains what is meant by a 'Mallorcan-style garden' and which plants are original to the island and which have been imported.  Along with the gorgeous foliage, the history of the island and its people are also treated in depth, and anecdotes about the gardens' owners give this luxurious illustrated book a particular, and very personal, Mallorcan charm.


Charlotte Seeling began her career working as a freelance writer for various German magazines including Quick, Stern and Geo.  As a journalist she traveled throughout the world.  Because of the quality of her work and her reputation for sensitivity, she had the privilege to interview some of the less extrovert public figures like Indira Gandhi (Prime Minister of India, 1966-77 and 1980-84), Federico Fellini (Italian writer/director), Patricia Highsmith (author of The Talented Mr Ripley) and Giorgio Armani (fashion designer).  At the beginning of the 1980s she became editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan followed by Vogue, then Marie Claire and finally the French Marie Claire in Paris.  Since the mid 1990s she has been focusing her talents on writing, but still acts as an advisor for book and magazine projects.

Carina Landau has always been a great enthusiast of the visual arts.  In Paris and London she studied performing arts, specialising in film, video and theatre.  Her ability to catch the beauty of real life in a photo is proven in her collaboration in various editions such as Women and their Gardens, The Artist's Garden and Feast for the Eyes.

Gärten auf Mallorca zeigt die mediterrane inseltypische Gartenkunst.  Charmante Texte, die mehr als nur reines Fachwissen vermitteln, bilden das harmonische Gegengewicht zu den farbenfrohen Fotografien von Carina Landau und aufschlussreichen Gartenplänen.  Charlotte Seeling erklärt, was man unter „mallorquinischem Gartenstil“ versteht, und welche Pflanzen zu den ursprünglichen und welche zu den importierten gehören.  Neben der prächtigen Flora kommt aber auch die Geschichte der Insel und ihrer Menschen nicht zu kurz, und Anekdoten über die Gartenbesitzer geben dem prachtvollen Bildband einen besonderen, sehr persönlichen Mallorca-Charme.

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