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Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates

Graham Payne

foreword by Hugh Johnson



11.3×9in • 29×23cm

240 pages

500 color photos, 1,000+ plants, English/latin names, glossary

index included

ISBNs: 1861265484 • 9781861265487

The Crowood Press • 2002

      "The Mediterranean climate - with its long, warm summers and cool, wet winters - is ideal for growing a wide range of gorgeous plants. However, these plants can be enjoyed far beyond the Mediterranean - in both small and large gardens with similar climates or, in cooler regions, in conservatories. With sections on both general care and specific plants, Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates will help you to choose and grow beautiful plants and create a garden suited to your needs. The book includes: an introduction to the Mediterranean climate and points to consider when planning a garden; advice on watering and soil care; a look at the features of a Mediterranean garden, including palms, pots and containers, climbing plants, and pergolas, as well as ideas on which plants to use where; an A-Z of over 1,000 plants; a cross-reference of English common names with botanical plant names; a detailed glossary of terms; and 500 color photos."
Crowood Press

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