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Gardening the Mediterranean Way
Thames & Hudson, 2004

Jardiner sous un climat méditerranéen
Aubanel, 2004

Κήποι στο φως της Μεσογείου
Ποταμός, 2004

Gardening the Mediterranean Way

Practical Solutions for summer-dry Climates

Heidi Gildemeister

foreword by Richard G Turner, Jr



9.9×7.9in • 25×20cm

224 pages

200+ color photographs

index included

ISBN: 0810956004

Harry N Abrams • 2004

      "Few writers have told us how to create a garden that is in harmony with this distinctive and often challenging climate -- and none so thoroughly as Heidi Gildemeister has here."
Richard G Turner Jr

      "Over the last 25 years, Heidi Gildemeister has converted a dry landscape on the western Mediterranean coast into a gorgeous, thriving ten-acre garden. Her own experience and research have taught her the secrets of utilizing drought-resistant plants and waterwise gardening practices to allow the soil and plants to absorb enough winter rain so they can survive the dry summer.
      "Now this expert gardener, author of the widely praised Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach, shares her wealth of knowledge in a lovely, inspirational volume that shows us how to create a lush garden in mediterranean-climate regions throughout the world. Her presentation of 20 dream gardens-among them an olive grove in bloom, a haven by the sea, and a scented shade garden, each with extensive plant lists and practical advice-is at the heart of her book, illustrated with more than 200 of her own, exquisite full-color photographs."

Harry N Abrams

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