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Jardines Secretos de España
Blume, 2005


Hidden Garden of Spain

Eduardo Mencos



11.3×10.2in • 28.8×26.3cm

208 pages

index included

ISBNs: 0711219648 • 9780711219649

Frances Lincoln Publishers • 2004

Fascinating treasures from one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world are uncovered in this book. Writer and photographer Eduardo Mencos has been given access both to hidden corners of famous gardens such as the Alhambra and to private gardens hitherto known only to a privileged few. His images and perceptive descriptions reveal a wealth of creative splendour and tranquility, from Galicia to Granada, Barcelona to the Balearics, Catalonia and the Canaries, Madrid and Mallorca. Some of the gardens he shows are historical; some the creation of their current owners - aristocrats and commoners; others are by eminent garden designers, such as Luis Gonzales-Camino, and Arabella Lennox-Boyd. This book should appeal to many of the country's 60 million foreign visitors and, with its range of gardens from the cool green north to the hot golden south, should inspire gardeners from all over the world.

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