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  • Mediterranean Kitchen Garden

    Growing Organic Fruit and Vegetables in a Hot, Dry Climate

    Mariano Bueno

    translation by Evelyn Fitzherbert

    preface by Mary Keen



    9.8×7.7in • 25×20cm

    208 pages

    index included

    ISBNs: 0711230641 • 9780711230644

    Francis Lincoln • 2010

    You can find an online review of this book on the Pacific Horticulture website.

    Explaining how to meet the particular challenges of growing edible plants in the hot, dry Mediterranean climate, this book brings the expertise of Spain's top organic gardener to an English-speaking audience. As well as outlining the principles of gardening organically, it provides full practical information on how to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs in Mediterranean conditions. It advises on matters such as irrigation, climatic factors and inherent characteristics of the region, and describes the kitchen garden through the gardening year.

    Mariano Bueno is Spain's top organic gardener and the author of a number of gardening books.

    Evelyn Fitzherbert is the granddaughter of the novelist Evelyn Waugh. She lives in Spain.

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