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Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates of the San Francisco Bay Region

East Bay M.U.D. Water Conservation Unit

photography by Saxon Holt

edited by Nora Harlow

illustrated by Richard Pembroke



11.9×8.9in • 30×22.5cm

320 pages

500 color photographs

index included

ISBNs: 0975323113 • 9780975323113

East Bay Municipal Utility District • 2004

Winner of the American Horticultural Society's 2005 Book Award

It's about time somebody published an inspiring photo driven book about western gardens. The Sunset Western Garden Book may be the bible for western gardeners for its wealth of information but it does not serve to inspire the way a book full of real gardens can. With more than 500 photos of western gardens this book should be destined to be a classic.

The great thing is that it is not just a beautifully designed, coffee table type book. The text is authoritative with dozens of full page charts and it seems to have been reviewed by a who's who of garden experts. The author suggests plants from all over the world that are adapted to a summer-dry, mediterranean climate and the photographer shows them in gardens not just close-up details.

Hooray for this book. We western gardeners are too often frustrated by books and gardening advice originating from other regions. This book is so beautiful it will frustrate gardeners in those other regions who will want what we now have.

Jack Winston, on Amazon.com

This book is a valuable resource for climate-compatible gardening in the Bay Area. It will occupy a prominent place in my library for many years to come.

Katherine Greenberg, President, Mediterranean Garden Society

A truly fine book. It's hard to imagine how anyone would want a stuffy old English garden after seeing the beautiful gardens featured here.

Katherine Grace Endicott, columnist, San Francisco Chronicle,
author, Northern California Gardening

This generously illustrated book features more than 650 native Californian and Mediterranean plants suited to the climate and microclimates of the Bay Area. More than 550 color photographs show plants in garden settings that blend well with natural surroundings and reduce reliance on water and other limited resources. This title is part of the East Bay Municipal Utility District's ongoing effort to promote practices that protect the environment.

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