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  • The French Country Garden

    Where the Past Nourishes the Future

    Louisa Jones

    photography by Joëlle Caroline Mayer & Gilles Le Scanff



    10.3×10.3in • 26×26cm

    176 pages

    index included

    ISBNs: 0821226940 • 9780821226940

    Little, Brown & Company • 2000

    French country gardening has experienced a renaissance in recent years. While the great French garden heritage still thrives in family kitchen gardens, classic parterres, and landscaped parks, its traditions now provide inspiration for fresh delights and creative expression. Little by little, the sedate country style has given way to modern conceptions, social and global awareness, and technical innovation and experimentation. Nowhere is there a happier harmony of the past, the present, and the future.

    Richly diverse, these gardens have been sensitively organized into six themes appealing to every taste. Highly fashionable Intimate Country Gardens combines fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetables in seemingly haphazard displays to offer nostalgic visions of cottage-style family life. A Passion for Plants is exhibited in exotic, beautiful, and novel planting schemes. Celebration of the Senses, inspired by the medieval and Renaissance past, focuses on sensual stimulation. Nature's Ways emphasizes the protection of natural biotypes and regional landscapes. Formal Play takes the elegance of the classic parterre, but endows it with contemporary wit and fantasy. And Planetary Perspectives shows French gardeners giving their own creative gloss to worldwide exchanges of knowledge and resources.

    For this book, Louisa Jones invited the respected French garden photographers Joëlle Caroline Mayer and Gilles Le Scanff to join her on an odyssey that took them across the whole of France, from Normandy to the Riviera, the Loire to the Pyrenees. Together, the illuminating text and stunning photographs reveal in magnificent detail the full extent and exciting diversity of the modern French country garden.

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