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The Genus Arum

Peter Boyce

illustrated by Pandora Sellars, Ann Farrer, & Tim Galloway



9.1×5.9in • 23×15cm

224 pages

16 colour plates, 28 line drawings, 15 maps

index included

ISBNs: 0713680075 • 9780713680072

B.T. Batsford Ltd • 1991

This book, written both for the botanist and the plantsman, is the most complete revision yet published of this interesting genus of 25 species of tuberous Eurasian herbs. The complex taxonomy and nomenclature of the genus (including the historical development of the name "Arum") are dealt with, and the morphology, anatomy, chemistry, pollination, biology and cultivation of the genus are covered.

In the past, a major difficulty of Arum has been the accurate identification of the species. In order to make this easier, the book gives keys to all accepted taxa, and includes full descriptions, illustrations and distribution maps, as well as 16 specially commissioned colour plates; it thus provides an unparalleled reference to the genus. The exhaustive synonymy allows the correct name for each taxon to be checked and also acts as a species finder list, enabling the user to verify names accurately.

The book also draws together the considerable body of research which has been undertaken on Arum and presents this information in its own right, and in the context of the new classification. Many of the data are drawn from obscure journals and research papers and, as such, have not been readily available in the past. A comprehensive reference section gives full details of the publications consulted.

The cultivation notes provide the only presently available gardener's guide to the genus and also outline propagation techniques which hopefully will lessen the pressure on wild populations of Arum by demonstrating the ease with which the species may be increased.

Peter Boyce was the 1996 recipient of the prestigious Engler Medal, awarded by the International Association for Plant Taxonomy to the author(s) of the single most outstanding work published in botanical systematics. Peter's award, made in August, was in recognition of the quality of his monograph, The Genus Arum.

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