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  • The Gardens of Madeira

    Gerald Luckhurst

    edited by Jane Crawley



    11.7×9.8in • 29.5×25cm

    176 pages

    index included

    ISBNs: 0711230323 • 9780711230323

    Francis Lincoln • 2010

    The British have always loved the island of Madeira for its climate and the gardens it can produce.  Now we have The Gardens of Madeira from the designer Gerald Luckhurst, who has worked there for years.  The Portuguese and English influences can clearly be seen in the older gardens that relish the subtropical expat style of herbaceous borders, camellias and monkey puzzles; but there are newer gardens too, just as plant-rich and Luckhurst's Madeira Magic, for all its commercial origins, is one of the island's most interesting plantings.


    Madeira is truly a magical island, from a botanical persepective, filled with wild flowers.  Here, at last, is a book that does justice to its gardens as opposed to the dazzling natural scenery.  The author is a garden designer living on mainland Portugal who has been making gardens on the island since 1991.  He has produced an evenly written text, not at all 'gushy' - there is even a smattering of judicious criticism.  Highlights include the Monte palace and the immaculate "Victorian" English garden at Quinta Vigia.

    Daily Telegraph

    For centuries Madeira was at the crossroads of the world - half-way between the tropics and the old continent.  The islanders were poised to receive plants from far-flung empires and accommodate ideas from both north and south.  In such a climate, growth is phenomenal and streets and squares are filled with magnificent trees (jacarandas, flame-trees and rosewoods) let alone the oozing dragon trees.

    Some thirty gardens in and around the capital, Funchal, and further afield as well as some of the unique native flora and landscape are expertly described.  Luckhurst also explores the discovery and development of the island and its earliest gardens, and the role of Portuguese aristocrats and British wine merchants in creating the country estates known as quintas.

    Gerald Luckhurst is a landscape architect who has designed and built many gardens on the island.  He is an expert plantsman with an unrivalled knowledge of sub-tropical flora.  Each year he leads a number of specialist garden tours of the island.


    • Preface
    • Introduction
      1. Blandy Gardens
      2. Botanic Garden
      3. British Church and Cemetery
      4. Choupana Hills
      5. Dragon Tree Sanctuary
      6. Ecological Park
      7. Funchal Public Garden
      8. Hospice of the Princess Amelia
      9. Madeira Magic
      10. Miramar
      11. Monte Palace
      12. Monte Public Garden
      13. Pestana Grand Hotel
      14. Pestana Village
      15. Porto Mare
      16. Quinta da Boa Vista
      17. Quinta da Palmeira
      18. Quinta das Cruzes
      19. Quinta do Arco
      20. Quinta Magnolia
      21. Quinta do Monte
      22. Quinta Pestana
      23. Quinta Santo Antonio
      24. Quinta Vigia
      25. Reid's Palace Hotel
      26. Ribeiro Frio
      27. Santa Catarina Park
      28. Santa Clara
    • Bibliography
    • Gardens to visit
    • Index
    • Acknowledgements

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