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Il giardino di Ninfa
Umberto Allemandi, 1995

The Garden of Ninfa

Marella Caracciolo & Giuppi Pietromarchi

photography by Marella Agnelli



12.4×8.5in • 30.5×21cm

153 pages

48 colour, 30 b&w illustrations

index included

ISBNs: 8842207977 • 9788842207979

Umberto Allemandi • 1999

The gardens of Ninfa are an enchanted oasis about an hour outside of Rome.  They portray a botanical treasure that remains pure and uncontaminated despite our modern age.  This garden is the connection to a time long gone, full of myths and dreams.  Pietromarchi's botanical knowledge is coupled with Angelli's photography and Carcciolo's narration to complete the picture of this garden, regarded as the most romantic European garden in a town several millenniums gone.

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