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The Life of an Oak

An Intimate Portrait

Glenn Keator

illustrated by Susan Bazell



9.5×6.2in • 24×15.5cm

256 pages

75 full-color photographs, 30 full-color illustrations, 21 black and white diagrams

index included

ISBNs: 0930588983 • 9780930588984

Heyday Books and The California Oak Foundation • 1998

The genus Quercus, a remarkable and diverse family known throughout the world, is well represented in California and Mediterranean floras. How oaks came to have this distribution, their unique botanical nature, and their impact on the lives of man and beast is the topic of this work. The up-to-date science, the interplay of text and illustration, as well as the overall the visual appeal of this book will appeal to novice and expert alike. A most inviting and revealing exploration of the majestic oak.

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  • The Mediterranean Garden, number 15, Winter 1998/9
  • Pacific Horticulture, volume 60, number 2, Summer 1999

    Glenn Keator is a freelance teacher, botanist, and writer. He has taught courses and led field trips on native plants for the California Academy of Sciences, the Yosemite Association, Golden Gate Park's Strybing Arboretum, and many other arboretums and nature centers around the country. He is the author of several books on plants, including In Full View. He lives in Berkeley, California.

    Susan Bazell is an artist who lives in Paradise, California. She has previously illustrated Plants of the East Bay Parks.

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