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Reed Books, 1995

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Waterwise Gardening

Kevin Walsh



9.3×6in • 23.6×15.3cm

176 pages

index included

ISBNs: 1877069019 • 9781877069017

Reed New Holland Publishers • 2004

This is the third edition of Kevin Walsh's book which, when [the first edition was] published back in 1993, was before its time. The quality of the photos is excellent.

The Mediterranean Garden, No 37, July 2004

This book sets out the Six Vital Principles by which we can have a beautiful garden and save water too.  It describes over 200 drought-tolerant trees, shrubs, groundcovers, perennials and bulbs - most of which are illustrated, and discusses their needs and features.

The book is also full of information on waterwise design, the power of mulch and the pros and cons of various watering systems and products.  By following the guidelines of this book you can cut your water use to practically nothing.

This new edition bristles with colour and easy-to-follow text and diagrams.  You can easily dip in and pick up handy tips, select plants, contemplate changes to your garden's layout or get into the finer points of setting up a tank even using greywater.

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