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Water-saving Gardening

Water-wise plants and practices in Australia

Kevin Walsh



9.9×7.9in • 25×20cm

176 pages

colour illustrations

index included

ISBNs: 0730104834 • 9780730104834

Reed Books • 1995

Draught, water restrictions and "user pays" for water supplies have put water conservation firmly on the agenda - not only during times of water shortage but as a part of everyday life. 'Water-saving Gardening' is the practical guide for Australian conditions for people who want to protect the environment, cut down on the high cost of water, reduce maintenance time and still have a beautiful garden.

Six straightforward principles can be followed by gardeners wanting to adapt an existing garden, as well as those wanting to design a water-wise garden from scratch. 'Water-saving Gardening' offers some of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce water consumption. Just as importantly, a water-wise garden is not boring and dry-looking, but as colourful, interesting, practical and varied as our current gardens.

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