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Wildly Successful Plants

Northern California

Pam Peirce

photography by David Goldberg



7.9×6.7in • 20×17cm

320 pages

125 full-color plates

index included

ISBNs: 1570613583 • 9781570613586

Sasquatch Books • 2004

Pam Peirce pinpoints 50 often overlooked main plant species that effortlessly add dazzle to gardens throughout Northern California.  These tough yet beautiful plants bloom yearlong and persevere in gardens despite neglect, drought, or frost.  This book profiles these "regional survivors," spotlighting such plants as calla lilies, nasturtiums, cineraria, and more.  A resource for all gardeners, it includes chapters on the history, climate, and care of plants, as well as weeds, annuals, perennials, bulbs, succulents/cactus, and shrubs.  It also contains lists of other well-adapted plants beyond those in the 50 species profiled.

Sasquatch Books

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