About this blog

I’ve personally been gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area’s mediterranean climate for 45+ years, and have been helping others with their gardens – either professionally or as a friend – for most of that time.  I suppose I come by this ‘honestly’ as my paternal grandmother was an avid gardener and came from a long line of horticulturalists.  I have vivid memories of her Central Valley (Fresno) garden to this day.

This blog is a reworking of the original gimcw.org website whose coding structure (which was brilliant, BTW) was no longer supported by today’s Internet industry, and the rest of my team has retired from active web development (we were all a bunch of OLD coders from a bygone era). That website was originally called ‘mediterranean climate gardening throughout the world’, but we decided mcgttw.org was too cumbersome! The origin of all of this was the medit-plants email forum I created before webpages were a thing (you can check out the archive of the forum on hort.net).

To my mind, ‘gardening’ includes all manner of things related to the plants we grow and those that grow of their own accord.  For this reason you may find posts on this blog relating to cultural, artistic, ethnobotanic, and other unusual aspects of plants and plant lore.

Why am I writing this blog? I get excited about the things I learn feel the need to communicate the information. There is always something more to learn in this area, or someone is doing something new and unusual! I enjoy disseminating information and anecdotes in hope that it might bring enjoyment to others as well.

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